Cloud show over Harlem

MythicMage am I

There’s magic in the city, and I love sharing whenever I find it. Stargazing in midtown when others watch traffic. Watching the seasons change amid the backdrop of glass and steel, asphalt and concrete. The where, when and why’s of people gathering outside of their normal rituals. NYC bubbles with diversity, possibilities, the unexpected.

I love science fiction in all its media forms. Lamented the removal of Creation Sci Fi Conventions from the NY area; I attended nearly all of them. Welcomed with a thousand hugs the settling of New York Comic Con to our fair city. Magic springs eternal when the Con is in town!

The Paley Center for Media is my second favorite venue for all things popular, and love their collusion with NYCC this year.

This blog is mainly to link to my Twitter page and follow-up on some of the commentary there. One can only say so much in 400 characters, right? TBird is my imaginary persona, esp. when I try a haiku. TBird is so cool, or so I think.

Life is magic. Love life, live – create your magic!


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