Musing #1

Just taking a moment on a borrowed computer to cater to my need to return to my fave activity.

Just thinking of the reviews stacking up (Superman, Star Trek Into Darkness, NYCC 2013…) makes me sad. But also redoubles my efforts to get my computer back on track.

Soon, oh soon Lords of the Mechanical Magic Kingdoms.

Come back soon and see!



NYCC 8 is Coming!

We made it through NYCC 7, 2012 without VIP tickets, toughing it out on frigid cement floors, blood draining from our legs on extended waiting lines, and standing shoulder to hip to toe with fellow 4 day ticket holders. And WE LOVED IT!

However, when we wound up in the FIRST wave of the 2013 ticket sales, guess who jumped all over the VIP tickets? Hmm? Yes we did and scored them in the 48 hour window, so yours truly are sitting pretty and counting days till October!

Man I just LOVE you guys at NYCC – can’t wait!