NYCC Closing In – Hurrahs and Lamentations

NYCC #6 – the host of the most – of anything sci fi!


Lover of sci fi that I am, the coming of the New York Comic Con in 2006 was like water for the thirsty. I can hardly wait for NYCC#7! Yes, I’m a Founding Attendee of this second biggest multimedia sci-fi convention in America (San Diego Comic Con is first – for now). And yes that meant I transcended the trauma of that first show where hundreds of ticketed fans couldn’t gain entry due to overcrowding! That was all straightened out by the second show and needless to say I was hooked. The guests, the panels, the vendors, the fan pageantry – the fans showed up and wanted it all.

I watched diligently for tickets to go on sale – not gonna leave me left out of the fun! I scored con-buddy Eclipse’s and my 4-day tickets for October. Then waited anxiously with finger to speed dial for notice of VIP ticket sales – ready, set…



For three years we managed to make the VIP deadline and this year, nada. Woe, woe is we. There is no nicer advantage to have than getting in first to the vendors and IGN, having a lounge and getting a cool official Con swag bag. How cruel is fate to distract my finger from dialing at the critical moment.

So we have to plan (well, differently than before anyway). First off, we do have 4-day tickets which is VIP-light; we get to do Thursday with VIPs and press and go to the party opener. That Thursday kick off was a jumper last year and definitely want to do that again. Then we plot line-queuing strategy; how early is too early? Rest assured there will be a long line by the time the sun rises on that Friday. Dawn? Midnight? Three a.m.?

Last ditch strategy: win VIP tickets from somewhere! Is there a kind, comics con Faery waiting to gift deserving, devoted NYCC fans with VIP tickets? Here we are, we love you and thank you and…

Well, when it’s all said and done, we’ll be there for the best 4-day geek fest the Northeast gets to have every year. Salivating over the guest line up, and will mark up my con planner with neat fan and guest panels. Maybe we’ll have the stamina to secure a place on the IGN line for seats somewhere in the auditorium. With the addition of the new wide screens on both sides of the stage, we’ll be able to see the guests pretty much wherever we sit (barring Klingons or other large heads in front of us). Hey, don’t judge us – NYCC spoiled us!)

It’s a wrap; stay tuned to see if a comics con Faery grants our fondest geek-wish.

Or – see you at The Con!


MOCCA Fest Inks Indelible 10th Year

Hied myself over to the Lexington Avenue Armory on Sat., April 28 for the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art comics expo. Certainly not the vast vendor-scape of a NYCC or SDCC but crammed with eager talented comics creators you actually got to talk with.  It was like having the two biggest comic cons distilled into their essence – the comic books and their makers. All good, that.

Having only the resources for the admission, I woefully couldn’t buy anything when there was so much worth buying. Thankfully, the artists were super friendly and engaging. I collected free swag and business cards and I will visit every website to follow up on them. Nice turnout.

Friend Eclipse and I opted for one panel, and it was the Nordic Roundtable. These were comics artists/creators from Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and yes the Land of Midnight Sun comics are different. One panelist mentioned their motivations were usually autobiographical while in the States, external. Found out that Donald Duck is a super star, esp. in Finland. Conversely Mickey Mouse, not so much! Oh, and that Disney’s cartoon work is centered in Europe not stateside. Mea culpa for that surprise.

Made the rest of the rounds of the artists then called it. Almost felt like we’d done a mini NYCC. This was my first MOCCA Fest and won’t be my last. Loved getting a close up on new/independent/alternative works and bonus back-story by creators. Once I’m flush again, will fork over the dough for MOCCA membership with a smile.

And loved this year’s artsy poster.

Fun and informative; just what a geek craves.

Be your dream –

Mythic Mage

NOTE: As mentioned in Rant Rant, have to post this without a picture due to some kind of supernatural/extraterrestrial/WTF? glitch. Rest assured there will be pics when the bogies have been defeated. – MM